Excerpts from the School Log Books

Report of H.M. Inspector to the St. Nicholas Nat School May 1870 –  Revd S. Price HM Ins.

“This is a comparatively a new school though in a country place with hardly any population in the immediate neighbourhood, the attendance is good. The discipline and order are very satisfactory, the attainments of the children though necessary (sic) very elementary as yet, are, as far as they go, good. The acting teacher has evidently attended faithfully to his duties-there is every prospect of his making this in time a good flourishing county school.”

“November 9th 1869 Revd R. Daniel vicar visited the school being well satisfied with the progress of the children in singing.
10th Sewing in the afternoon.
11th Gave a Bible reading lesson to the first and 2nd classes on ‘Noah and the Ark’.
23rd Taught the children a new school song (a round) which they seemed to very much admire.”

26th June 1877 It has been raining all day. Not so good an attendance as usual only 48.
27th June The Revd Rowland Daniel visited the school.
29th June Good attendance of children today. The average attendance for month ending June 29th is 64.2. The numbers of children on the books is 82.
My notice expires today.”

“July 1877 Report of H.M.Inspector for 1877
The school seems to have improved greatly in attainments during the past year, the scholars having passed on the whole a good examination in the Elementary subjects. The arithmetic and writing of the lower standards were very fair but the first standard ought to be more familiar with the multiplication tables…The infants are backwards and some easier cards are wanted for them…Better results will be required next year in order to secure a grant under Article 19 (B) 1 (a).”

“July 2nd 1877 Miss C Rowlands , Fishguard undertook the duties of Mistress of this school.
July 4th 1877 Cautioned the children about being late to school.
July 6th 1877 Taught the children a new song ‘Away, away to school’.”


“May 15th 1926 Every child advised that they must bring a note from their parents regarding the visit of the Nurse and be ready for head inspection at half past two after dinner.”

Attendance: Only 2 children absent through sickness. G.T. ..sent home early with signs of a rash.

Weather: Much improved after yesterday’s rain- mid-westerly bright sunshine throughout the day.”


“October 3rd 1945 I Thomas Howell Gravell, have today commenced duty at this school as temporary certificated headteacher.”

“October 8th Commenced a course of Welsh geography with the purpose of getting the children to know their locality well and to and to give them an outline of the geography of Wales.”

“October 10th Permission was granted to close the school for today on the occasion of Mathry fair.”

“June 10th 1954/55(?)An accident occurred on the school playground during the dinner hour today. One pupil (R W) accidentally fell whilst practising the high jump and fractured her leg.”

“June 13th The attendance for the week was 91.11%.”

“June 19th Only 3 children in class 1 this morning. Was informed that 3 boys under 13 years of age were employed by Mr D., assisting with the potato lifting. I informed Mr D that this was contrary to the authority’s regulations. The three boys returned to school at 11am.”

“Premises The premises are, in the main as they were when last reported on in 1939. A school garden, however is now provided in a rented portion of a field nearby. Attention is drawn to the fact that there are no washbasins in the cloakroom and that there is considerable damp in one of the classrooms.”

“October 2nd 1955 The attendance for the week was 99.5%.”

“October 9th The attendance for the week was 96%.”

“October 12th The three girls attending the D. Science centre returned to school from Goodwick at 11am. The domestic science session suspended for the day because of absence of D. Science mistress.”

“July 8th The attendance for this week was 93%.”

“July 11th Class A (ages 8-11) were taken on an educational tour of three of the castles of Pembrokeshire – Carew, Pembroke, and Manorbier. This tour was arranged in conjection with Goodwick C.P. School. Report of the tour and application for grant towards expenses. Sent to the director of education.”

“July 15th the attendance for the week was 78%.”

“July 20th The attendance for the week was 54.99% for the month 79.28%, and for the term. The drop in attendance accounted for by 12 absent on last day of term: most of the pupils attending The Royal Welsh Show at Haverfordwest. School closed today for summer vacation to reopen on Tuesday September 6th.”


September 6th 18 pupils on books.

September 9th Two of the county architects staff took measurements of levels for proposed new school playground. The attendance for the week was 93.05%.

September 16th The attendance for the week was 99.44%.

January 31st One additional case of mumps reported. The attendance for the month was 74.66%.

February 1st The attendance for the week was 77.46%.

February 4th Two further cases of mumps reported. No. present today = 11.

February 8th The attendance for the week was 56.87%. Fall in attendance due to mumps epidemic.

February 12th R.D.C. Inspector called to test milk and canteen water supply.

February 14th Preliminary Entrance Examination held today. One candidate (A. D.) absent owing mumps.

February 15th The attendance for the week was 57.59%. School closed today for half term holiday. To reopon on Wednesday Feb 20.

February 22nd The attendance for the week was 48.37%.

February 28th The attendance for the month was 60.33%

March 1st The attendance for the week was 67.20%.

March 8th The attendance for the week was 38.30%”

“October 27th 1958 All canteen equipment checked and collected and taken to Dew Street Stores.”

“November 1st This school has now been closed. The eleven pupils on books will attend Goodwick CP school on November 3rd 1958.”