Schoolin or Sgwlin was the name given to the headteacher at the village school. The school log books are held at the County Archive Office and there are some details from these on this website. The book ‘Schoolin’s Log’ was written by the son of the headteacher, Llewelyn Jones about the school and the village in the 1920s and 1930s and is illustrated by Derek Crowe.


The description inside the front cover says ‘Life in the village of St. Nicholas was lived close to Nature, colourful, sometimes poignant, but most often spicy and droll. The village was rich with eccentrics: Isaiah Jenkins the rector who leavened his pastoral duties with periods of poaching; Bilbow the grocer- ‘crouching like a seedy wizard in the gloaming of his store’ … and many more. Above all there was Schoolin, the author’s father, headmaster of the village school where snakes and rainbows sometimes interrupted the Song of the Three R’s and the children wrote letters to the Prince of Wales about how to catch moles.’