St Nicholas Church


The church is in the centre of the village and is next to the village hall. The church had a major restoration in 1865. Some people suggest that the origins of the building were at the end of the Roman Period. It has a ‘squinch’ , which is an arched covered area where the first hermit or saint might have lived, and a Norman font.the-church-gallery-2

The ancient name for the church was ‘Ecclesia de Villa Camerarii’. In Latin, the area was called Villa Camerarii which means ‘The Chamberlain’s Estate’ which is close to ‘Tremarchog’ meaning ‘The Knight’s Estate’ in English.

the-church-gallery-3In the church there are three 5th-6th century stones. One was used as a stone in the churchyard wall but is now in the chancel. It says ‘TUNCCETACE UXSOR DAARI HICIACIT’ – the latin for ‘Tunccetace, wife of Daarus lies here’. There is also a cross on it, probably from the 7-9th century.

The two other stones were previously used as gateposts in Llandruidion. One has a small cross and ‘PAANI’ engraved and it is thought that this means the stone of Paanus. The other stone is hard to read but may be a memorial to Melus and read ‘MELI’.the-church-gallery-4the-church-gallery-5